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KQF has a track record of success in working with patients on the transplant lists and finding and matching live donors with renal patients needing kidney transplants.

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The foundation is designed to help people focus on building inner strength and learning how to take action to manage their health condition. Supporting kidney patients and families in the United States for 13 years.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 to make sure KQF as a nonprofit organization can continue to help and serve our renal community.

We Provide Education and Support to Families, Children and all Kidney Patients

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We believe that every hardworking family deserves a good job, a quality life for their kids.

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We must stand up for those left behind by kidney disease, and a fight for their lives.

“I’ve been diagnosed for 20 years, i’ve learned to accept it and deal with it, it’s a fight. In 2007, i met Carolyn from KQF and have been apart since then.”

Kidney Patient

“My best friend is now on dialysis. When KQF reached out to here her story, i said “of course”. Thank you for acknowledging me for the little that i gave.”


“I’ve been through two kidneys transplants. Dialysis for 8 years. I work at a Ralphs. I do a lot of preaching about it and give people a positive attitude about it.”

Charlie (Transplant Survivor)

Join The Fight and Make Us Stronger

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