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We will work for a state that educates our children, cares for our elders, and provides a safe, healthy and prosperous community for all of us.

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KQF provides skilled speakers for meetings on renal disease. KQF also introduces medical professionals to educate clients about renal issues, treatments available, healthcare concerns and kidney transplant options. Additionally, we have business speakers to inform and counsel clients on how to deal with the financial impact of the disease process as they go through treatment.

We listen to and respond to each and every concern our clients have and make it our task to deliver the best outcomes possible within our resources. We have seen miracles happen and spend a lot of our time and efforts helping people because we know it’s not always easy for our healthcare system to devote the time and attention it takes to help each patient individually. This is where KQF comes in as we reach out to people and patients wherever we can, to find the best pathways for treatment.

KQF has created greater awareness and education on kidney disease to people living in Southern California, parts of Central California and areas of San Diego. KQF has also made great gains in the fight against kidney disease by identifying at-risk children, helping to present and provide renal patients with the means to live longer, healthier lives and improve the quality of life for these individuals.

For over 11 years, KQF has been devoted to educating patients and families about renal disease. KQF has provided information on dialysis, treatment options; alternative programs available; counseling next steps; possible solutions for dealing with health objectives; medical needs of patients; and support in achieving kidney transplants. To let them know KQF is a resource for help, support and to guide patients in facing the many challenges and decisions they will have to make; help patients and families build inner strength; provide next step plans; try to alleviate some of the fears and stresses of living with a kidney disease.

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