Transplant List Qualification and Support Program

KQF assists clients at all stages in the process to qualify for a kidney transplant. Kidney patients whose conditions meet the criteria to apply for a transplant, to help them achieve placement on the lists and to successfully remain on kidney transplant lists. This includes helping clients fill out applications for list placement, educating them on the criteria for being approved for the transplant lists, coordinating the paperwork needed and to help initiate lifestyle changes required for patients to meet the financial and physical health conditions that will qualify them for one or more transplant lists. KQF also works with clients who have fallen off the transplant lists and helps them reestablish proof of insurance, to improve their financial profiles, and/or regain sufficient levels of health needed to re-qualify for placement on the lists. KQF will also help clients sustain dialysis and other treatments, as well as maintaining healthy diets and lifestyles needed to remain on the lists and lead to having successful transplants.


The Transplant List Qualification and Support Program is designed to close the gap between the thousands of people in Southern California in need of kidney transplants who are experiencing end-stage renal failure and the much smaller number of kidney patients who have qualified to be on the transplant lists.

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