Monthly Education Series Program

KQF provides skilled speakers for meetings on renal disease. KQF also introduces medical professionals to educate clients about renal issues, treatments available, healthcare concerns and kidney transplant options. Additionally, we have business speakers to inform and counsel clients on how to deal with the financial impact of the disease process as they go through treatment.

  • KQF provides guidance to individuals when they are diagnosed with a kidney condition.
  • Support for kidney patients by monitoring treatment plans designed to meet their needs.
  • Monthly support meetings to help kidney patients looking for support in their community.
  • Education programs for children and adults, to bring awareness about kidney disorders.
  • Teaching new kidney patients how to manage their own health records.
  • Support and direct kidney patients on next steps after they’re diagnosed with a kidney disorder.
  • Provide dialysis support education.
  • Introduce new options to potential candidates for in-home dialysis, so they can have time available for employment.
  • Teach renal patients how to eat with enjoyment and provide tasty renal diet menu options.
  • Prepare renal patients to apply for transplants and to stay active on kidney transplant lists.
  • Offer kidney transplant support services.
  • Educate and inform the general public and local communities on how to become a living kidney donor at events, meetings, classes and healthcare expos.

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