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Kidney disease was finally recognized and made a national healthcare priority by Executive Order in July of 2019. Since then, We see a big opportunity for global collaboration to strengthen primary healthcare, providing both patients, general public, and caregivers a chance for improved quality of life. Questions continue to arise about living with kidney disease. How does one’s diet and lifestyle affect kidney disease? Does high blood pressure lead to kidney disease and, if not properly controlled, long-term dialysis? What new scientific discoveries are in the pipeline promising a more hopeful future for those with CKD?

KQF is meeting this challenge by drawing together experts in several fields relating to renal disease and updating attendees on latest treatments, clinical trials, and medical advances. It allows both professionals, patients, and the general community to learn about these topics and spread the word more broadly–as CKD has rarely been given the attention it deserves.

This one-day event will provide an incredible educational opportunity for all attendees. Continuing Education credits (CEs) were approved for Nurses, Social Workers, Technicians and Dieticians during the 2020 Kidney Disease Impact Conference. KQF is working hard to make this possible again in 2022.

Keynote Speakers

Zahi E. Nassoura, M.D., FACS, San Fernando Valley Vascular Group

Thomas Mone, CEO OneLegacy

Joseph C. Yu, M.D., F.A.C.C.


Introduction to 2022 Kidney Disease Impact Conference

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Topic: To Be Determined

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Topic: Vascular Disease and its effects from diabetic kidney disease

Speaker: Zahi E. Nassoura, M.D., FACS, San Fernando Valley Vascular Group


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Topic: Organ Donation and COVID / Donation rates and trends overall and by race/ethnicity here and across the country

Speaker: Tom Mone CEO, OneLegacy


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Lunch Break


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Panel Discussion

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Caregivers & Renal Community



Renal Community

and others...


Medical & Healthcare Professionals


Social Workers



Dialysis Technicians

Medical Directors

Administrators and Organization Managers

and more...


Kidney Patients & Survivors



Currently on Dialysis

Diagnosis Kidney Disease


More About Event...

Who should attend: 
Renal Patients, Caregivers, Social Workers, Nurses, Dieticians, Dialysis Technicians, Medical Directors, Administrators and Organization Managers, Healthcare Workers, Caregivers, Physicians and Healthcare professionals. Concerned friends, affected families, the community, or anyone interested in learning more about kidney disease and dialysis are also welcome.

What to expect:
A dynamic day of keynote speakers that include medical professionals and kidney disease specialists; educational workshops, resources that are available, plus sources for information and support from people and companies who understand the needs of heart condition, diabetic, and renal patients.

Focus on Nephrology: Awareness, Present, and Future of Chronic Kidney Disease:

Vascular: Vascular disease and its effects from diabetes & heart disease with both conditions, small blood vessels in the body are damaged. When the blood vessels in the kidneys are damaged, your kidneys cannot cleanse the blood properly. The panel will discuss how this affects patients.


* Diabetes as a cause of End Stage Renal Disease

* Helping to prevent Diabetes

* Treatments that may delay progression of Diabetic Kidney Disease

Cardiovascular Disease:

* Cardiovascular disease as a common complication if kidneys dialysis pts

* Risk factors for CVD in dialysis patients

* Strategies to lower those risk factors that can be controlled


* Importance of proper nutrition for kidney patients

* Explaining the Renal Diet.

Clinical Trials:

* Kidney transplants in the future that may dispense with the need for immunosuppressant drugs

for remainder of Kidney patients’ life.

Resources and Community Supports:

* Info on Virtual Support groups offered by KQF

* Info on “Kidney Fit” program–focusing on evidence-based benefits of daily exercise.

A virtual healthcare conference streaming internationally:
For health and safety reasons due to COVID-19, the 2022 Kidney Disease Impact Conference has progressed from an in-person conference with national webinar support to a 100% virtual, streaming event. This has greatly expanded and opened-up the opportunity for outreach to renal communities globally. Streaming as a one-day healthcare conference, the event will bring together medical and healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers and anyone interested in learning more about kidney disease for an incredible educational opportunity and full day series of necessary and informative webinars.

Please contact info@kidneysquestfoundation.org if you have any questions about the conference.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

This educational activity is supported by a grant from the American Association of Kidney Patients’ Jenny Kitsen Patient Safety Award Endowment.