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    Impact Conference

    The 2020 Kidney Disease Impact Conference
    is to bring awareness of issues surrounding kidney disorders.

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    Across San Fernando Valley

    We work with patients who are diagnosed with kidney didorder
    and sponsor educational programs.

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How To Support

We have been serving patients and families approaching a decade. Help us arrange kidney transplants, assist in rehab from surgery and post-op support by donating to a kidney patient today.
Help bring information to the community about kidney disorders or simply volunteer at one of our events.

Who We Are

Kidneys Quest Foundation is an independent, 501(C)(3) non-profit outreach organization, dedicated to families and individuals with kidney disorders throughout several regions in the southern California Area. Through education and support, Kidney Quest helps with dialysis support, teaching home dialysis, presenting options and next-step plans for people with kidney problems, diet and exercise plans for renal patients, creating awareness in the community and helping with the search for transplant opportunities.

Kidneys Quest Foundation helps when people have been diagnosed with a kidney condition. KQF educates them about their disease, how to take control of their lives and how to make the best journey possible for living with a kidney condition.

Our Clients