Fundraising continues for Bill Chu, Amherst boy who needs a new kidney

AMHERST -- Wildwood Elementary School fourth-grader Bill Chu is still waiting for a new kidney.

Bill, 10, has end-stage renal disease. He recently had two surgeries in Boston -- one to insert a catheter because he has begun dialysis while he waits for a kidney transplant.

The second surgery was to remove his left kidney because doctors were concerned about masses in it, according to an email from his father, Tu Chu, an employee in auxiliary services at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

That caused complications and a lot of pain for his son, he wrote, including severe headaches and temporary vision loss. Bill spent three weeks in the intensive care unit but is slowly recovering, his father wrote.

Bill Chu needs a new kidney and support for medical bills — and the North Amherst neighborhood is helping.

Bill was able to come home for Christmas, and his father explained he "needs more recovery before (the) transplant will be able to (be) processed."

But he still needs to find a donor.

Chu wrote that the first group of potential donors, including family and friends, was rejected for various reasons. The family is waiting on test results for three other potential donors to see if any of them are a match.

After he recovers from his most recent surgeries, Bill's name will be placed on a national transplant list, which provides organs from people who have died, Chu wrote.

"Not every kid can find kidney easily," he wrote. "Bill is not lucky so far, therefore we continue looking for donor screening. We welcome all who step out and want to help."

Bill has to go to Boston for dialysis while he waits.

While they wait, nearly a little more than $27,000 has been raised for Bill via the Children's Organ Transplant Association website. The goal is $50,000.

The family, meanwhile, is looking for volunteers to take them to Boston Children's Hospital for dialysis.

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