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    Impact Conference

    The 2020 Kidney Disease Impact Conference
    is to bring awareness of issues surrounding kidney disorders.

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    Across San Fernando Valley

    We work with patients who are diagnosed with kidney didorder
    and sponsor educational programs.

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How to Donate

We have been serving patients and families approaching a decade. Help us arrange kidney transplants, assist in rehab from surgery and post-op support by donating to a kidney patient today. Through education and support, KQF helps with dialysis support, teaching home dialysis, presenting options and next-step plans.


How We Can Help

KQF has a track record of success in working with patients on the transplant lists and finding and matching live donors with renal patients needing kidney transplants. We proactively seek matching donors through outreach to family members and by researching transplant donor lists in California, or in different states if needed. We prequalify patients and candidates by surveying individual needs, their goals for transplant and evaluating criteria such as willingness to travel for surgery and treatment, or whether they are open to new and experimental processes, procedures and medications. We also research and outreach to help move patients up the lists and into surgery quicker by finding hospitals with shorter transplant lists and less wait times for patients.

Kidneys Quest Foundation helps when people have been diagnosed with a kidney condition. KQF educates them about their disease, how to take control of their lives.